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Rick Seems to be Running Out of Similes

June 25, 2009

So…Deadspin has already pointed out that Rick’s Column of 10 Things he’d Change as Baseball Commish is pretty similar to a column he wrote in 2003.

But here’s another news flash. He’s starting to reuse similes, to0!! The horror!

From a 2008 column: Meet 6-3, 280-pound Trevor Wikre. He’s the starting right guard for Division II Mesa State College in Grand Junction, Colo. He loves football like wolves love pork chops.

From the recent baseball column (trashed below, by the way):Saying “baseball players cheat” is like saying “wolves like hamburger.”

C’mon Rick. You write one column a week. ONE. I think you can come up with some unique comparisons…and wolves like pork chops and hamburgers? I was unaware.

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  1. Natasha hunnii permalink
    March 16, 2010 3:35 pm

    eh wiz awrite
    it cud b bettr tho

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