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Weekend on the Links

June 26, 2009

We’ll leave you all some links for the weekend. Maybe it’ll become a tradition.

–RIP Michael. You’ll be missed (in a weird way, but you’ll be missed) **YouTube**

–Jayson Stark isn’t the greatest writer ever (but who is), but he’s leaps and bounds better than Rick Reilly and shows real baseball knowledge. His take on the ’09 season thus far. **ESPN**

–I don’t really want to send clicks over to PETA because they’re kind of creepy. But this is just too nutty to pass up. Enjoy. **PETA**

–Now if only the Cavs can dig up Penny Hardaway’s corpse. **FoxSports**

–Lou Pinella’s semi-strange take on Geo Soto’s foray into the chronic. **ESPN via Chicago Tribune**

–What will the Penguins do with their new-found fame and influence coming off the heels of the Stanley Cup? They should take a cue from the ’92 Champs. **Mondesis House**

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