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Addendum To Rick’s “Must-Sees”

July 27, 2009

So, Rick wrote on his not(blog) about 5 sporting events that he left off of his “must-sees.”  They’re responses from angry people like you and me, wondering why he left them off his list. Rick defends their exclusion, Knowing full well he’d get shit for it. I’m not one to disappoint. I will focus on one of them.

The World Series. Because baseball is so greedy, the World Series now often doesn’t end until Halloween, which means you find yourself sitting in Busch stadium around Nov. 1, freezing your redbird off, not really caring who beats whom, just hoping you can get out of there before your tongue sticks permanently to your frozen beer.

Listen, man…we already know you hate baseball (see the second half of this). Whatever. But come on…the Cardinals aren’t gonna make it to the World Series this year. But, seriously Rick, you may not care who beats whom, but a whole hell of a lot of people do. Certainly more people care about who wins the World Series than who wins the effing America’s Cup. Just shut up, and stop ripping on baseball until you can come up with a legitmate argument against it instead of things like: the stadiums look good and it’s sometimes cold. You know another place that it’s often cold?: football games. Maybe that greedy-ass NFL should move its season to the summer. Ugh.

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