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Buzz Bissinger’s Very Long Twitter War Against Buster Olney

July 26, 2010


Last night noted writer and angry person, Buzz Bissinger, finally had enough of MLB trade rumors apparently. That’s too bad for him, because the Hot Stove is just warming up.

Anyway, Buzz is an asshole, plain and simple, although in a weirdly endearing sort of way. He hates blogs, and bloggers, and generally anybody else who writes who is not Buzz Bissinger. That being said, I can’t decide if this little Tweet Offensive (Reilly joke!) is funny or infuriating (his tweets are here at the bottom).

I like Buster Olney. I think he’s a good reporter. He seems to be earning his paycheck as he’s constantly writing. He probably doesn’t deserve Bissinger’s unrelenting, seething ire.

Also, Bissinger mocks Olney’s report that Joe Saunders was being traded for Dan Haren. That was true, so…. Anyway, have a look for yourself. It goes on for awhile, as you can see. I get that constant trade rumors can get a bit annoying, but sheesh. I’m just not sure what poor Buster could have possibly done to set this off.

Note: Bissinger does kind of apologize, tweeting: “Buster Olney is a great journalist. His book on Yankees terrific. He doesn’t have to do this. Write erudite tweets at very least. Like me” And then he offers this caveat this morning:    “A plea to all Twitterites: don’t confuse my rants, sometimes over the top, with my continued effort to write with meticulousness, honesty.” All right. Fair enough, maybe? I mean it’s not like Twitter is investigative journalism or a tell-all book or a some sort of deposition. Buzz just comes off as kind of insane.

Still, there’s a sort of beauty in the madness. Observe. (Oh and these aren’t all of them, either. Here’s his Twitter page.)

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