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Matt Howard and Jimmer Fredette Revisited

April 5, 2011

Remember when Reilly ripped into the Jimmer because he didn’t win the game against Florida? And because he shot 3-15 form the field? (He still scored 32 points.) And because he didn’t play defense, and was aloof? You do? Okay good.

Remember also when Reilly plagiarized another writer, and talked all about Matt Howard’s goofiness? And then he went on to say that that’s why Matt Howard’s a winner? Because he’s so goofy and has socks that don’t fit, and LOL, plagiarism? You remember that, too? Good.

Because last night, in the National Championship game, Matt Howard went 1-13, with 7 points. I look forward to Reilly’s hit piece on him.

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  1. April 5, 2011 1:30 pm

    Reilly wrote a new, back-handed compliment style piece about BYU fans. It was only featured yesterday and now he’s back with another trivial, worthless piece about his inept golf game. My guess is that ESPN urged him to write it in response to all the mail they got. He addresses some of the issues, but picks and chooses and doesn’t quote what he said accurately(his deflection to “just saying what the Kansas player said” is hilarious. Not even close.)

    note: i think you have the wrong shooting numbers for Fredette’s last game. he was 10-28 or something. Kemba was also 5-19 last night -and someone said he had zero assists.

    • Ryan permalink
      April 5, 2011 3:43 pm

      Agreed. He tried deflecting some of the blame by saying that he was nice to Jimmer, and quoted: “‘Great kid, though. Polite, smart (good chess player, whiz at Sudoku), studies his Bible in hotel rooms.’ I didn’t make any of that up. He does study his Bible in his hotel room, according to Kansas’ Marcus Morris, who was one of his roommates at a USA Basketball camp in Las Vegas. What’s wrong with that?”

      Oh really Reilly? You conveniently forgot to quote what you said right after that: “Maybe that was the problem.” So, Bible study affects Jimmer’s basketball skills? Good thing we have basketball expert Rick Reilly on top of that one.

      Then, he tried saying that he couldn’t blame Mormons for feeling uncomfortable in New Orleans. You can’t blame them Rick? Hold on, let me pull up ANOTHER quote from your article: “Then again, some of the comparisons BYU fans were making about The Jimmer this week made you think they deserved it.” So, apparently Rick, you CAN blame them. So which is it? Stop flip-flopping and make up your mind. ANd no, I’m not taking quotes out of context. Go back and read his original article, you’ll see what I mean.

      It was a horrible attempt for him to save face… and he ended up looking like an even bigger jerkoff then he did before. His articles are always so loaded with sarcasm and cornball jokes (“Plus, he committed six turnovers and wandered aimlessly through the lane on defense like Moses in the desert.” Oh really Rick? I had no idea that’s what Moses was doing in the desert. Wandering aimlessly. All these years, I thought he was leading the children of Israel to the promised land, but NOPE. According to Rick, Moses had no idea what the hell he was doing. Thank you Rick Reilly, Bible expert extraordinaire); Rick, when you have to write a second article to point out the parts where you weren’t being honest, something is WRONG.

      As for Kemba, he was 5-19 in the game, 0-4 on 3-pointers, and had 9 rebounds and zero assists. Decent enough numbers, but far below what you expect from the tourney’s most outstanding player. Still, he played much better that Matt Howard…

      • Ryan permalink
        April 5, 2011 3:44 pm

        Typo. I meant to say ” Rick, when you have to write a second article to point out the parts where you were being honest, something is WRONG,” not “weren’t.”

  2. Weilenmann permalink
    April 6, 2011 3:19 pm

    How about the last quote, where the guy was writing him from afganistan and praising him for all his articles. That’s how he has to finish this article??? It had nothing to do at all with anything else in it, guess he just wanted to pat himself on the back and show everyone, he’s not such a bad guy…. ya right

  3. Matt H permalink
    April 7, 2011 11:11 am

    This is the response I wrote back to Reilly on his latest article on Jimmer.


    Just read your second column on how BYU fans reacted to your criticism of Jimmer. First off, I would like to point out that by you writing a second column about Jimmer already qualifies him as a game changing player. How many columns have you wrote before about other people in sports that have gotten a second column wrriten about them not even two weeks later? That’s right, not a whole lot if any. The fact that you had to write a second column to clarify what you wrote in the first column about Jimmer not even 2 weeks ago is a statement as to the poor quality of the article and how ignorant the views mentioned within really were.

    Secondly, I would like to point out that you discounted ALL of the opinions and reader feedback given to you that did not agree with your views on Jimmer. But then you heaped praise upon those three letters from readers that said something along the lines of how wonderful the article was and all other sorts of brown-nosing material. If you are going to take opinions of readers into consideration, then you have to take them from BOTH sides, not just the people who are on YOUR side of the equation.

    Finally, don’t hide from your comments. I read both of your columns again and you were trying to justify/hide from your comments made about Jimmer, BYU, and the LDS Mormon Church. At least if you have the gumption to write something as ignorant as you did, have the guts to stand up for it afterwards or fully retract the statement in an apology. There are better ways for you to express your thoughts than by taking them out on a player, school, and religion that does their best to live what they feel is right and what is honorable today.

    Just remember this Rick: if you had fully believed everything that you had written about Jimmer in your first article, there would have been NO need for you to write a second article. By writing the second article, you have validated everything that Jimmer Fredette has done in his career at BYU and also validated all of the so called “hate-mail” that you have received from people this past week about your poor journalistic practices.

    You were WAY better at SI than you are now at ESPN. It’s sad to see how even writers can sell their souls and abilities for a few extra bucks.


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