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Here’s your one stop shop for all our Weekend on the Links posts. If you ever tire of the seemingly endless task of getting Rick Reilly fired, or just need to waste some time at work, come on over here for easy access to all our Weekend on the Links entries. They’re mostly interesting or humorous reads, videos, and pictures. We’ll still do the Weekend on the Links posts, but when they get bumped off the mainpage, you’ll be able to get to them easily right here.

  • If you like baseball, this is a must. It’s the Emerald Guide to Baseball. It’s got last years records and stats for every team. A little 2010 look ahead for every team, and 2009 stats for EVERY Major AND Minor League player…AND it’s free. Over 500 pages of baseball goodness in pdf form. [EMERALD GUIDE]
  • Here’s a good article by Andy Hutchins about the uselessness of many of the Draft Combine numbers (e.g.: Lineman running the 40 yard dash). [The Sporting Blog]
  • A disturbing quote from MMAer Frank Mir via about how he wants Brock Lesnar to die.  [Mondesishouse]
  • Yesterday was kind of a bad day for Cheryl Bernard fans. She did lead the Canadian curling team to a Silver medal, but only after letting gold slip away. Also, it’s been confirmed that there are no swimsuit pictures of Bernard. The article by Tom Williamson notes that there is a calandar, The Women of Curling, with two members of the Canadian team…but not Bernard. So guys, you can all stop burning up the google machine. []
  • Here’s a pretty good story about the 1960 US Olympic hockey team, and the documentary “Forgotten Miracle.” Check it out. Interesting. [InLouWeTrust]
  • Apparently someone stole a couple of GPS units out of Ozzie Guillen’s garage. I hope they know that the man is crazy. Seriously, I wouldn’t ever cast so much as a negative glance at that man. [Ozzie Guillen's Twitter]
  • Finally, this has nothing whatsoever to do with sports. But it’s a funny video from the Second City Network. All right, enjoy your hockey tomorrow.  
  • From Gawker Media, here’s a story about why Celebrity Op-Eds are Awful. For all intents and purposes, Rick Reilly is basically a celebrity Op-Ed writer these days. (Tip of the Hat to Charlie). [Gawker].
  • Here’s a great new game! You can be Tiger Woods! Try to park the car without crashing into any of the obstacles. [AddictingGames]
  • Jake Gyllenhaal got a Steelers tattoo. As if three straight losses and a mini-feud between Hines Ward and Big Ben weren’t bad enough. [MondesisHouse]
  • Anybody else really happy that AIs back in Philly? This man knows how to give a press conference! Here’s the latest one, followed by some other classics:
  • Mark Mangino “resigned” as head football coach from Kansas….and Deadspin’s got you covered on that. But I really like the Baby Mangino…and I have a feeling we’re going to being seeing a lot less of him. Enjoy. Have a good weekend:
  • –Let’s get patriotic, Muppet Style…it’s the only way we know. **YouTube**

    –How Manny Ramirez saved New Mexico from going bankrupt and being annexed by Guatamala…not really, but kind of a little bit. **Bloomberg**

    –Lost in the aftermath of Jacko’s and Farrah Fawcett’s deaths was the death of Karl Malden of A Street Car Named Desire and On the Waterfront fame. He also gave us much joy as the spokesman for American Express…”Don’t leave home without it.” **WSJ**

    –Why the Oakland Coliseum sucks. Sorry A’s fans…and Raiders fan. **Deadspin**

    –We don’t take kindly to Ben Affleck ’round these parts, but, we don’t mind his wife…but she minds us…well, people like us; people who make fun of her husband. And she’s gonna kick their asses. **Bild**

    –In other wife news, apparently Mrs. Jack Wilson managed to coax her husband into apologizing for his outburst after the Pirates traded away a couple of medicore players. So here’s to you Mrs. Wilson. **Mondesishouse**

    –Remember that guy who carried the clock around his neck all the time, trying to get everyone hyped for Live ESPN? Well, he’s not dead, and he has a blog to remind everyone of that called: Steve is Alive **Steve is Alive**

    –RIP Michael. You’ll be missed (in a weird way, but you’ll be missed) **YouTube**

    –Jayson Stark isn’t the greatest writer ever (but who is), but he’s leaps and bounds better than Rick Reilly and shows real baseball knowledge. His take on the ’09 season thus far. **ESPN**

    –I don’t really want to send clicks over to PETA because they’re kind of creepy. But this is just too nutty to pass up. Enjoy. **PETA**

    –Now if only the Cavs can dig up Penny Hardaway’s corpse. **FoxSports**

    –Lou Pinella’s semi-strange take on Geo Soto’s foray into the chronic. **ESPN via Chicago Tribune**

    –What will the Penguins do with their new-found fame and influence coming off the heels of the Stanley Cup? They should take a cue from the ’92 Champs. **Mondesis House**

    —I think I saw this on Deadspin a couple of weeks back…so for some it may be a repeat…but…wow…I get the feeling that this guy’s job at WaWa might not be cutting it as a reason to live. [YouTube]

    —Here’s a great deconstruction of Peter King’s latest by our friends at Bottom of the Barrel.

    —Saw this on Mondesishouse and thought I should share. It’s crappy home video-type footage of a Snoop Dogg concert that also features Santonio Holmes and Lamar Woodley of the Steelers. Three quick thoughts.

    1.) After Santonio’s little marijuana mishap last year, is Snoop the guy he should be hanging out with?

    2.) Are all of Snoop Dogg’s concerts like this? I mean, are there always like 50 people on the stage with him just kind of milling around? This seems weird to me.

    3.) How on earth was it ever cool to do the Fo-shizzle my nizzle, you can come to my hizzle thing? Was it just because Snoop Dogg said it and so it automatically had to be cool? Because really, that’s really lame. It’s like baby talk or Pig Latin.

    —Here’s a good take on that reporter who wrote the outrageous sports column that kind of had to do with that girl being held in that guy’s yard for 19 years. From firejaymariotti. Enjoy.

    —Finally, be thankful you’re not a Pirates fan like me. From the Pittsburgh Tribune Review. This made me cry.

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